Trip Advisor or Trip Hazard?


With TripAdvisor recently announcing that a huge half a billion reviews has been left on its site, I recalled the review site has also been in the news for much more negative reasons lately. And got me thinking, how fair and honest is TripAdvisor?

I personally do love TripAdvisor as a traveller, foodie and control freak; I always plan my trips out anywhere I go and TripAdvisor is a must before I step out the door because it’s not worth risking it if it’s only got majority bad reviews.
I also enjoy leaving reviews on places I have visited and I am usually very generous and nice with my words because I have fortunately never had a really truly awful experience somewhere, unlike when you read these customers comments who have asked for a ‘well done steak and it coming back still with a pulse’. So, I always thought of TripAdvisor as a really positive, clever concept of an idea. It’s nice to be nice, right? My stats say I am in the top 25% of reviewers in my area… go me! Continue reading

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Political party at the BAFTAs


Award shows have the tendency to have a reputation of being pretty boring. You switch on to see some random person in a suit or ball gown; stood behind a small finger print marked glass stand poised over a microphone, stuttering a list of people’s names we don’t know. They are usually awkward to watch and you find yourself rolling your eyes and yawning the majority of the ceremony at the over rehearsed lame jokes. Yet we still watch them.

I don’t know about you, but when I turn on the TV and select to watch award shows like the Oscars, the Grammy’s or the BAFTA’S. I am choosing to watch this because I’m expecting to hear acceptance speeches from the artists, actors and actresses, producers and screen writers and so on… thanking their loved ones and their role models and colleagues for helping them win the awards while clutching their shiny ornaments.
I think people watch these, like me, to see the ‘glitz and the glam’ and to get a tiny glimpse of their favourite actor sitting down in a Tom Ford suit talking and laughing to another famous actor. We watch them to get a feel of what it’s like to be in the world of the arts and entertainment.
I  also choose to watch these awards because I’m intrigued to hear about the person accepting the award, about their life, their work history, how they got into the industry. Why they wanted to become an actor or where they found the inspiration to write a script for a film that had a budget of $30 million. I don’t however, really care about their political view or wish to hear them try to be inspirational about something they don’t know enough about. Do we really care what ‘celebrities’ think? Or do the majority of the public watching sigh and eye-roll at them. Continue reading

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21 Day Gratitude Challenge

I read about the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge in the Glamour magazine and thought it was a brilliant way to start the year on a positive note. January is usually associated with people making new year resolutions, having no money and setting goals they never hit the year before. It seems like a lot of stress and pressure to make the new year perfect. So why not stay positive and list 21 things that you are grateful for each day?
It can be absolutely anything that makes you smile, something or someone you can’t imagine living without.Research says it can improve your mood, sleep and energy and let’s face it, we all need that in January! Continue reading

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The truth about living with adult acne

I’m 23 and suffer from ‘adult acne’. But, I’m not the only one with this awful most common skin disease that affects 80% of people aged 11-30.
I thought I’d share the real daily struggles of a young woman who suffers with problem skin and try to see the funny sides to living with it and mention the things we all probably do but just never talk about and share with each other.

Who ever said acne was just for moody teenagers by the way? Who put an age limit on it? Like, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on your 20th birthday do you fall asleep and all your blemishes just disappear like Nanny Mcphee when her warts shrink and vanish in the film and you just wake up and have skin like a Kardashian sister or something. Wow, that’s some beauty sleep. NO! It doesn’t happen like that (sorry to anyone under 20 reading this). It just doesn’t seem to stop.
Here are some thoughts that run through my head and the things I do everyday revolving around my skin. Continue reading

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First blog post

I’m completely new to blogging and always loved any form of writing back in school and really missed getting creative and putting thoughts onto paper. So on this blog which I’ve called Cosy Comforts because I love nothing more than cosying up and having some “me” time. You will find posts on thoughts on anything and everything, beauty, make-up, stories, reviews, opinions, current news affairs, the truth about being a normal working class girl.

~ Cosy Comforts ~ 

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