The truth about living with adult acne

I’m 23 and suffer from ‘adult acne’. But, I’m not the only one with this awful most common skin disease that affects 80% of people aged 11-30.
I thought I’d share the real daily struggles of a young woman who suffers with problem skin and try to see the funny sides to living with it and mention the things we all probably do but just never talk about and share with each other.

Who ever said acne was just for moody teenagers by the way? Who put an age limit on it? Like, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on your 20th birthday do you fall asleep and all your blemishes just disappear like Nanny Mcphee when her warts shrink and vanish in the film and you just wake up and have skin like a Kardashian sister or something. Wow, that’s some beauty sleep. NO! It doesn’t happen like that (sorry to anyone under 20 reading this). It just doesn’t seem to stop.
Here are some thoughts that run through my head and the things I do everyday revolving around my skin.

The reality is…

Spending all your valuable dinner hour lingering around the ‘problem skin’ area in Boots… Oooooh new product? Not tried this one yet! This one MUST work! It will, it will, it will!
* Tries it once. Spots don’t go away after one use, throws in the bin… NEXT!*

Spending half of your wage on make – up which is mainly foundations, powders and concealers to conceal those bad boys on your face. Oh wait,  it’s not just  the face now it’s the neck, back  and chest also! But somehow all this paint on your face just makes them stand out more so it’s a choice of pale skin and redness or orange and bumpy. Fantastic.

Having a blemish free week Monday – Thursday and waking up on a Friday ready to party at the weekend to find you have 5 heads instead of one.

Not leaving the house without your make-up on. Ever. So you have to get up an hour before everyone else to get ready for the day and you still end up being late. I just want to sleep.

It’s also staying in the house and having to wear make-up, just incase you have a visitor. So basically, make-up every single god damn day.

Staring into the mirror for hours on end squeezing and prodding and picking at your face like it’s a stress ball being attacked on a miserable Monday morning. Your face is not a stress ball. Although your skin may make you stressed; please use an actual stress ball and not your face.

Yes, it’s squeezing spots although everywhere you read says you shouldn’t. But what are you going to do when you have a massive milk bottle on your face? YOU’RE GOING TO SQUEEZE IT. And yes, you’re going to enjoy it very much.

Drinking 4 pints of water a day because water is so good for your skin. But then eating your body weight in cheese and chocolate and anything dairy which is so bad for your skin.

Coming home from work to look in the mirror and your face is super shiny as if you have been sweating all day. No sweat. Just oil. Lot’s of oil.

Wanting to rip your skin off and start again.

Knowing the perfect lighting in your house, your car, your friends and families houses to take a selfie to look like you have the ‘perfect skin’. Instagram tells lies.

Having to blot your face with tissue paper in the toilets because your super shiny and then getting bits of tissue stuck all over your face. At least it’s covering those spots!

Knowing full well you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day, twice a day but not having the energy and choosing to sleep instead.

Eating one avocado because you read it’s good for your skin but never eating it again because that one avocado didn’t do anything! Tastes horrible anyway. Whatever.

Exfoliating your skin so hard to try to scrub those dead skin cells off your face so much you look in the mirror and you have been replaced with a Beetroot.

Using too much product and giving yourself an allergic reaction so your skin looks even worse. Why bother!

Looking at teenagers with perfect skin and wanting to scream at them ‘why me and not you?!’

What about the scarring? So your spots clear and the bumps die down but, your left with these red and pink scars all over your face so you still feel you need to cover up all the time.

Researching the dermatologist that Victoria Beckham uses and telling yourself your going to save up all your money for the next 10 years to see them in LA and learn what these celebrities know that we mere mortals don’t.

Secretly cursing people in your head that constantly complain all day about that one tiny spot they have once a year. Are you serious?

And I guess that’s the truth. I hope you liked my first ever blog post and can relate to any of the above daily struggles living with problem skin. I’ve run out of time and need to go cleanse, tone and moisturise and drink some water and eat an avocado now so make sure you follow me for future posts similar to this and please hit share.

~ Cosy Comforts ~




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British working class girl who never stops talking and laughing. I will talk about anything so new to blogging and wanting to use up free time sharing thoughts about everything and anything.
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