21 Day Gratitude Challenge

I read about the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge in the Glamour magazine and thought it was a brilliant way to start the year on a positive note. January is usually associated with people making new year resolutions, having no money and setting goals they never hit the year before. It seems like a lot of stress and pressure to make the new year perfect. So why not stay positive and list 21 things that you are grateful for each day?
It can be absolutely anything that makes you smile, something or someone you can’t imagine living without.Research says it can improve your mood, sleep and energy and let’s face it, we all need that in January!

21 things I’m grateful for…

  1. My new car
    It’s the second car I’ve ever owned while I’ve been driving for 5 years and it was such a big thing to say goodbye to my old first car, I shed a little tear and nearly regretted letting it go. But, my new car is so lovely and my favourite colour blue, I enjoy driving it so much. I just appreciate the fact it takes me to work everyday and allows me to live my life with as much freedom as I desire. Taking me from A to B and singing along in the car to Drake makes me forget about everything else going on in the world – which is bliss.
  2.  My colleagues that make sure I have a cup of tea waiting for me in the morning at my desk.
    Little things like this go a long way and having a warm cup of tea waiting for me in the morning as I settle into work is a kind gesture and one I need to learn to return much more than I do!
  3. My mum’s hospitality
    I’m fortunate to have a mum that likes to do everything for everyone else and I’m very well looked after in regards to being fed, I always have a nice warm tea made whenever I’m at home without fail and she makes sure I have something for dinner at work. I will miss this when I move out terribly! Pack lunches are ace.
  4. My best friends Group Chat
    A group of 6 best friends talking to each other everyday. Even if it’s just a quick meme or screenshot of something funny. Private jokes and golden oldies photos from the 90’s. We look out for each other and share little stories during the day in our busy lives as we don’t see each other everyday or every week, sometimes even months but we always have the Group Chat to stay in touch.
  5. My fluffy pajamas, dressing gown and slippers
    I’m such a serial chiller. I love nothing more than getting into my pj’s and dressing gown and feeling so comfortable and relaxed at home. Some call or lazy, I call it therapeutic!
  6. My alarm clock
    Because if that didn’t exist in my life, I would never get up in time, never make it to work therefore, I’d have no job, no money ect.. ect…
  7. Music
    Any kind of music. It just makes a rubbish day better, I truly believe it lifts people’s spirits. I’ve met so many friends through music and had the best nights of my life at concerts and raves. Without it there wouldn’t be one of favourite things to do in summer either… festivals!!!
  8. Make-up
    Because it hides a world of sins when I’m feeling ugly and gives me confidence to do anything I want. Girl power.
  9. My first girls holiday
    This was actually my first time ever abroad at 17. I was so excited at the prospect of freedom, girly chats, laughs, drunken days and long summer nights. That’s exactly what I got, what I didn’t expect was how much I loved going away. Everything from being at the airport, flying and travelling around a different county and meeting new people. I learnt a lot about myself and knew after that holiday I wanted to see the world.
  10. Contact Lenses
    I have really bad short-sighted vision and wore glasses most of my childhood and through school. I don’t think I have a very good face for glasses and never seem to really suit them so I started wearing contact lenses. How amazing are they? Tiny little flimsy things that make me see clear all day without thinking I look strange! I’m so blind without them they are a daily miracle.
  11. My boyfriend
    For being not only my boyfriend, but my absolute rock and my best friend every day, since the first day we met. He knows me better than anyone and I could go on for ages about everything im grateful for with him but today I’m grateful for the nights we just sit eating chocolate ice cream and sweets while watching Game Of Thrones. And laugh because we accidentally watched the last episode of season 6 instead of the first and ruined the whole season for ourselves! Oooopppsss.
  12. Ibiza
    I recently booked Ibiza and this will be my 3rd time going. My absolute favourite place on earth with amazing music, the stunning sunset, massive super-clubs, crazy atmosphere, the care-free and wonderful people and beaches. I have some amazing memories of this place and can’t wait to create more there this summer.
  13. Books
    Because I love reading.
  14. Italian food
    I love Lasagne and pizza and Italian food is so easy to make and tastes so good. I loved going to Rome and meeting the Italians and tasting the authentic traditional pizzas.
  15. Long chats with my best friend
    We went for a quick coffee to catch up which ended up being a 4 hour chat and had to force our selves to go home because we had so much more to chat about. It truly is the best therapy.
  16. My hand bag.
    It comes every where with me and keeps all my most important belongings safe. Every girl is Mary Poppins in their own right.
  17. The TV series Scandal
    I’ve recently discovered it and can’t believe nobody told me about this sooner, it makes my weekends of staying in this month so much better.
  18. ASOS
    For dressing me for the past few years and having endless amounts of clothes to look through and keep me out of trouble. And also for next day delivery on every order for £10 a year. So kind of them!
  19. Trip Advisor
    For all the reviewers guiding me where to go on my holidays and weekends away as I’m such a control freak when it comes to holiday planning I want to know the best places to stay, eat and must see places and things to do. I also love leaving nice reviews if I’ve really enjoyed going somewhere so other people can share that nice experience and decent businesses deserve that.
  20. Chocolate
    I do eat it every single day and it makes me feel happy. If I don’t eat any I miss it and must go find some. So it gets me off the sofa which is classed as exercise.
  21. Nights out with the girls
    I live for these nights around our home town with the girls, getting all dressed up and having pre-drinks together then pub crawling until 6am. You can always bet something really funny happens to one of us and we always have a story to tell the day after and laugh for years about these nights we never forget.

It sure made me feel good and happy to think of these things every day for 21 days. I’m forever grateful but it’s nice to write and share how you feel!

Why don’t you have a go yourself at the #21daygratitudechallenge and see what you are grateful in your life day-to-day? Make sure you use the tag and hit like and follow my blog for more!

~Cosy Comforts~


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British working class girl who never stops talking and laughing. I will talk about anything so new to blogging and wanting to use up free time sharing thoughts about everything and anything.
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